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 Eli M Fuentes is the Author of the novel  'Sole & Inspiration'  and the bestselling book,  'My Feng Shui Kitchen?  The day i became bitch!'   They are available NOW at your local     Barnes & Noble Books,  and  Amazon Books.
  Also look for the newest, 'Very nice to meet you.....'

His next book will be out in late 2015, so look for         'My Feng Shui Kitchen Too.'  Which will also be available for purchase in stores or through these online websites  as well.      www.bn.com , 

    www.amazon.com ,


These great books are also available now on KINDLE.  So download and be able to read in under a minute.

   Keep checking back for future book signings at your neighborhood book stores to be announced here...
        *Special Thanks to Barnes & Noble in Idaho Falls, Idaho on 17th St. You rock!

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The Book of ELi

The Book of ELi